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Discovering the advantages of “Hemp for Fitness!” If you’re going to discuss fitness and hemp in the same sentence, you’ll most likely mention that hemp is a complete protein source with some fiber. Shelled hemp seeds are good sources of protein with a complete profile of amino acids essential for optimal living.


Hemp CBD is quickly becoming a vital part of many fitness and workout routines.Hemp infused products can be an important part of any holistic health and wellness routine. Whether you’re a professional athlete, amateur jogger or busy mom, this beneficial supplement made from Hemp can help. Whatever style of fitness regimen you prefer, muscle development and muscle recovery play key roles in overall health and well-being. Using Monroe’s Honest Hemp products in your daily routine, might be the solution your looking for!


Jeremy G

My pain and anxiety have decreased by more than 50% since I first started using just the 500mg CBD oil tincture. I’ve also been able to cut my opioid painkillers down to hardly nothing. Thank you so much!!

Amy R.

About 3 years ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. My doctor prescribed Xelijan but I did not like the side effects. I started using Honest Hemp 500mg Full Spectrum Tincture 2X per day. I have since reduced the inflammation in my knees and joints but more importantly, I no longer take Xelijanz.

Beth S

My father struggles greatly with anxiety. Ever since he started taking your Bioactive Capsules I see a tremendous difference in his personality. My dad is much calmer and much happier.

Steve P

I am finding the Bioactive CBD capsules beneficial for chronic pain from surgery. It is helping me to sleep which is essential for my healing. It takes the edge off the pain. I most definitely will be placing another order. It was just by luck that I stumbled across it. So glad I did.