Our purpose is to provide a better quality of life to those seeking peace-in mind, body and soul. We strive to be more than just a manufacturer. We want to make Hemp CBD accessible. Our real goal is to give people access to a variety of cannabinoid products that will help you gain, or regain, a sense of equilibrium in your life – and to your body.

Perhaps more important than any medical treatment is your lifestyle: the way you live, eat, exercise, and even brush your teeth. The best way to affect positive lifestyle changes is through education. That’s why we are dedicated to creating perfectly crafted products to consumers worldwide. We also seek to educate our customers, clients and community in the best way to promote a healthy lifestyle. All things great and small can have profound effects on our health and general well-being.

Meet Our Founder

Bill Monroe (the founder of Monroe’s Honest Hemp Co.) became a patient in Michigan’s Medical Marihuana program in 2008, then dropped out of college to pursue an entrepreneurial path that included a canna-business as a caregiver and later a cannabis cultivation consultant. At 15 years old, Bill suffered a snowmobile accident that left him bedridden for four months with two broken arms, a broken leg, a shattered ankle, four broken ribs, a punctured lung and a contusion on his heart. Cannabis and hemp products helped manage his long-lasting pain and stiffness, and he currently has no residual issues. With an agricultural upbringing in Michigan, Bill had a vision for clean, sustainable cannabis agriculture, and moved west to Colorado to work with commercial cannabis cultivators. In 2014, Bill was introduced to industrial hemp and cultivated his first crop in partnership with a cattle farm research project. At this time, he was also co-founder and organizer of cannabis/hemp conferences and trade shows, helping to spread education and awareness of the budding industry. From that first hemp crop, Bill continued his focus in the hemp industry before starting his own Honest Hemp Company in 2015, which is now named Monroe’s Honest Hemp Company.

In May 2018, Bill co-founded and launched iFUSE, a CBD-infused lifestyle brand including drinks, mixers, chewing gum, breath mints and candies. Monroe’s Honest Hemp Company and iFUSE are currently in distribution in 29 countries, and Bill has developed supporting hemp farms on four continents including six states in the US, four countries in Europe, and four countries between the Middle East and Africa. Bill’s organizations are vertically integrated, controlling hemp cultivation, extraction, product manufacturing, distribution, imports/exports and consumer sales.

Currently, Bill spends his time traveling the world to propel his mission of hemp education, opening new markets, creating jobs and economic opportunity and providing products to consumers. He is a speaker at hemp and cannabis events globally, is publishing his first book, and developing a hemp reality TV show which he will star in.

Wanna Join Us? 


Monroe’s Honest Hemp Co. specializes in crafting the most innovative, new hemp infused products. Our professional team has years of experience in the formulation of nutraceutical and hemp-infused products. Intense, calculated promotional campaigns will enable Monroe’s Honest Hemp Co. to earn continuous revenues through the sale of products.

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